Our Monastery

SummerThe Monastery is a home of religious whose lives are dedicated to prayer and living in community. Visitation Sisters throughout the world live together in their own monasteries, rarely leave the grounds and are self-sufficient.

Our Visitation Monastery, located in Western Massachusetts is made up of religious women who have been called by the Lord to live together in community, sharing a vowed life of poverty, celibacy, and obedience and growing together spiritually through our prayer, work, and study.

The Visitation Community lived in the Bancroft Parkway monastery in Wilmington, Delaware from 1893 to 1993.  In 1992, the sisters voted to relocate to Massachusetts and we moved into our present home in Tyringham in December 1995.

Traditionally, a monastery is named in honor of a sacred mystery or a heavenly patron. The Visitation Monastery in Tyringham is dedicated to the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of His Mother, Mary. Thus our monastery is called Mont Deux Coeurs or the Mount of the Two Hearts.

When Saint Frances De Sales founded the Visitation Sisters in conjunction with Saint Jane de Chantal in 1610, he gave the community a coat of arms. He describes this Coat of Arms in a letter to Saint Jane written on June 10, 1611:

“the Lord gave me this thought during the middle of the night; that our house of the Visitation is by his grace, noble and important enough to have its own coat of arms, its escutcheon…So I have thought, dear Mother, if you agree, we should take as our coat or arms a single heart pierced by two arrows, the whole enclosed in a crown of thorns, and with the poor heart serving to hold and support a cross which is to surmount it; and the heart is to be engraved with the sacred names of Jesus and Mary.. for indeed our little congregation is the work of the hearts of Jesus and Mary.”

Saint Francis De Sales, Selected Letters, translated by Elisabeth Stopp, p 193