• St. Margaret Mary

    October 16th is the day on which the Church remembers St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Did you know that she is a Sister of the Visitation.

    It was to St. Margaret Mary that Jesus revealed the Love of His Heart for all of us. His request is simple. Stay with Me, He says, be aware of My love for you. Be My friend.

    Jesus told St. Margaret Mary, "If you believe, you will see the power of My Heart." Oh how much Jesus wants us to be happy with Him in this life and in the next.

    Happy does not mean problem free, it does mean trust filled in a God who truly cares about us. Thank Him for that. Many blessings. Our love and prayer are yours!

Visitation Sisters of Tyringham
  • "If you believe, you will see the power of My Heart!" The Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary
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