• Alleluia! Jesus Lives!

    The wonders of Easter began at the Vigil with the blessing of the Easter Fire - the Lumen Christi - the Light of Christ. Thanks be to God!

    Oh happy fault which won for us such a Redeemer! So we hear sung at the Liturgy of the Word during the Easter Vigil Service.

    It is so exciting to be in this glorious season of Alleluias! This week is called the "Easter Octave" ~ that means since there isn't enough time in this one day of Easter Sunday the whole week will be a continuation of Easter Sunday!

    May it be so for you! Happy Easter! He lives for your sake! God be praised!

Visitation Sisters of Tyringham
  • "The measure of God's Providence over us is the measure of our Confidence in Him." St. Jane de Chantal
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Easter Vigil Homily by Fr. Gary Dailey

Recently I came across a story involving a Russian Communist leader by the Name of Nikolai Bukharin. Around 1930 he traveled from Moscow to Kiev to address a large assembly on the topic of Atheism. According to the story, for a solid hour he aimed his heavy verbal artillery at Christianity, hurling arguments and ridicule. At last he was finished and viewed what seemed to be... Read More

Good Friday Homily

What do some people see today? Some see a Jew dying at the hand of the powerful Roman Empire. Some see a prisoner alone, denied, and abandoned by his friends. Some see a troublemaker getting his just desserts. Some see a peacemaker whose words of love were rejected by the world. Some see a dreamer wasting his life on what could never be. Some see a fool dying for his dreams. Some... Read More

Palm Sunday

HOMILY FOR THE PALM SUNDAY BEFORE THE PROCESSION INTO CHURCH Two processions entered Jerusalem on a spring day in the year 30. It was the beginning of the week of passover, the most sacred week of the Jewish year. In the centuries since, Christians have celebrated the day as Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week. With its climax of Good Friday and Easter, it is the most... Read More

Discerning a Vocation

I would like to introduce one of our vocation retreaters who is discerning. Karen is eager to share her thoughts about “roadblocks” that one can sometimes meet along the way and ways to resolve them. I hope that this will speak to your heart and help you better discern your vocation. Perhaps you might be inspired to reflect in a similar manner about your journey. Following... Read More

Web Site Latest News Items

Thanks to Leslie Parsenios and Shannon Sumner and Elizabeth Newman, working behind the scenes, the new Chantal Artisans’ Web Site was launched on March 5, 2012! Click on the name to  see it www.ChantalArtisans.com  We are so very grateful for the hard work that went into making this year long project a reality. Please be sure to visit this site and let Sister Gemma... Read More

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