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    If you faithfully check on our web site, you may have noticed that it is sometimes late in updating seasons and information.

    In attempt to do better we are presently working on a new web site format. I will let you know when it is up and running. Well, I didn't make it for the feast of the Sacred Heart.... WIll keep trying.

    I hope that you will notice some new events taking place. The Fortnight (two weeks) for Freedom has begun June 21. Let us united as one and pray for our freedoms! God bless you all and our country!

Visitation Sisters of Tyringham
  • "Be who you are and be that well!" St. Francis de Sales
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archbishop-lori-flag-cns_1 Fortnight For Freedom…

Fortnight 2015: Freedom to Bear Witness Keeping the spirit of the Gospel means that Catholic institutions are to bear witness in love to the full truth about the human person by providing social, charitable, and educational services in a manner that fully reflects the God-given dignity of the human person.” – Archbishop William E. Lori, Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee... Read More

He gave all for YOU! The pierced Heart of Christ 4 PM Good Friday

He gave all for YOU! The Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus reminds us that according to ARTICLE 7 we all would do well to stand united under the Cross of Jesus and “On Good Friday, at around four in the afternoon, the presumed hour of the stroke of the lance, Members are to gather in spirit at the foot of the Cross. They do so in order to offer to the Heavenly... Read More


The cross was meant to terrify people. If you ran afoul of the Roman state, they would fix you to this terrible instrument of torture, allow you to hang there until you died, and then leave your body for the beasts of the field. It was meant to be agonizingly painful, humiliating, and dehumanizing. The cross came to symbolize all of the dark power that the world could muster:... Read More

He died for us and lives! Life Conquers Death

He died for us and lives! By FRC Senior Fellow Bob Morrison There is a tomb. Mary Magdalene approaches it. The others feared to go there. It is a place of death and it could mean death to be known as a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. The Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, had ordered a heavy stone to be placed at the entrance to the tomb. Let the dead bury the dead. But the stone... Read More

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